• Post time: Apr-04-2024

    If you’re looking for ways to showcase your artwork for a brand, your team/club, a cause, or simply because you love little pieces of creativity in your life—then we’ve got some ideas for you! Custom embroidered patches are the most popular patches and one of the favorite options for ...Read more »

  • The difference between woven badges and embroidered badges
    Post time: Mar-31-2024

    There is not much difference in appearance between woven badges and embroidered badges, but their production processes are quite different. Below, the editor of Guangzhou Quanyu will explain to you the annotations of woven badges and embroidered badges. Woven label: It refers to the cloth label t...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-31-2024

    What are the advantages of embroidered stamps? How to use embroidered stamps Embroidery patch is also called embroidery mark, and its English translation is: Embroidery Patch. Advantages: Different from traditional embroidery, it is easier to match clothes, and the finished clothes can also be pa...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-26-2024

      embroidery Has been an enduring element of the show, Whether it’s a large tiled area, Or little details, Can add a little energy to a dull outfit, To bring a sparkle to an otherwise unremarkable piece, Like an elf sleeping in the forest. What is embroidery badge?   What is an embr...Read more »

  • Customized Patches For Your Business
    Post time: Nov-21-2022

    We’ve created custom embroidered patches for some of the top organizations in the world. Send us your logo or idea and our team of artists will turn it into a professional patch. These are great for promoting your brand or giving your team a polished uniform look. If you are looking for mor...Read more »

  • Benefits of Embroidered Patches
    Post time: Oct-06-2022

    If you’re having a hard time choosing between custom embroidered patches and other types such as woven, dye sublimation,  chenille,  leather, or a different type of custom patch then we can help. What should ultimately dictate your decision is your design and your personal preferences. Embroidere...Read more »

  • Talking about the role of the base for the embroidered badges
    Post time: Dec-01-2021

    The underlays are a type of travel that is not visible in the finished product. Some of the bottom lines are always stitched to the edge of the pattern or the parts of the pattern are joined together during the pattern making process. The bottom line also plays an important role in causing the st...Read more »

  • How do I apply my heat-seal badges?
    Post time: Dec-01-2021

    You should always test the garment first to ensure the high temperature will not damage the fabric. This is especially pertinent for synthetics such as nylon. High temperatures for a prolonged period of time may distort and damage both the appearance of the badge and garment surface. 1. Set iron ...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-01-2021

    Dear Customers: We hereby to share with you a good news! Our company has added some more new TAJIMA brand chenille-embroidery machines this year and are now able to produce more than 50,000 chenille patches per week. Also we have 2 sample machines that are dedicated to small orders and custom ind...Read more »

  • Fashionable Halloween costume ideas: From Vilanelle in Killing Eve to Joyce in Stranger Things | Rubber Badge
    Post time: Dec-01-2021

    Our streets move our people, and in our growing city must accommodate an increasingly complex and ever-changing mix of mobility options – transit, personal vehicles, delivery trucks, bicycles, scooters and accommodation of our disabled. In 2017, the City of Denver adopted Vision Zero in an ...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-01-2021

    Our company is closing for the coming CNY from Jan. 28th to Feb. 7th. and back open on Feb. 8th.   Our staff will check emails at times during the holiday. Please feel free to send emails or call our staff if you have something urgent needs to get an answer.   Taking this opportunity, EVERGREEN B...Read more »

  • High definition sublimation-printing badges
    Post time: Dec-01-2021

    A custom sublimated patch (or color printed badge) is a unique process that achieves virtual photographic quality. The color process gives your printed badge unequaled details with vibrant colors and clarity of subtle and continuous tones. The dynamic visual quality of these patches are unlike an...Read more »

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