How do I place an order/create an account?

Orders can be processed via email or online through our customer portal. To start setting up an account, we just need your email address, company name (if applicable), delivery address, and contact number.

Do you charge set-up fees?

One of the benefits of using EVERGREEN BADGES is that we do not charge set-up fees on complete orders. The only occasion we will charge a set-up fee is if you choose to terminate your order before completion.

Do you have a minimum order quantity for custom patches?

We don’t carry out a minimum order quantity. We have various specs of machines, large and small, and so are also dedicated to custom-individual works to meet customers' needs on small orders.

What is your standard lead-time and your delivery policy?

For most products under quantities of 1000 pieces, we can produce within about 5~7 working days from approval of final proof or sample. A sample via email adds about 1~2 days to production time and we can provide at no cost. An in-hands sample adds 3~5 days to production time and we will have to charge shipping fee if the samples need to be sent under separate cover.

What are your color limitations?

None, but for more than 12 colors of thread, the cost increase can be noteworthy. For this reason, 12 or less is most common.

What if I receive my patches and I don’t like the quality?

If you receive your patches and dont like the quality, we will urgently redo your order for free or refund your money. 

I have an existing patch that was made elsewhere, can you duplicate it?

Yes, we can duplicate an existing patch. Just send the picture of the existing patch along with relevant details like size, backing requirement and etc.

Will you keep my files for future orders?

We keep a record of your custom patch forever. We keep a digital record of your product in our files. If you want to reorder, just let us know, and we will be able to quickly reproduce your custom patches again

Can you produce fireproof embroidered patches?

Yes, we can use fire-resistant fabrics and flame-resistant embroidery threads to make fireproof patches.

Can you ship blind to my customer?

Yes - please provide us the address and we can ship blind directly to your customer or event for no additional cost. Shipping cost is included in the order prices.

What payment methods do you accept?


Wire Transfer

How do I apply my heat-seal badge?

You should always test the garment first to ensure the high temperature will not damage the fabric. This is especially pertinent for synthetics such as nylon. High temperatures for a prolonged period of time may distort and damage both the appearance of the badge and garment surface.

Set iron or heat-press to approx. 180°(C);

Apply pressure to garment to warm the area prior to badge application;

Place badge on garment for application;

Cover the badge with a thin piece of cloth;

Apply pressure for approx. 15-20 seconds. Pressure is the key to getting good adherence.

If you have more questions, please ask us. We offer design tips as well!

Thanks for reading the FAQs from EVERGREEN BADGES.

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