Customized Patches For Your Business

We’ve created custom embroidered patches for some of the top organizations in the world. Send us your logo or idea and our team of artists will turn it into a professional patch. These are great for promoting your brand or giving your team a polished uniform look.

If you are looking for more than embroidered patches? We can help you with all of your needs. We offer a wide variety of patch styles. Woven patches are finely stitched patches that allow for greater detail with a closer resemblance to a traditional patch. Leather patches are embossed with your logo and no color. They are great alternative to an embroider patch. Chenille patches have a thick puff material and are commonly used on Letterman jackets. We also have the glitter edge on chenille patches which make it more valid and twinkle, No matter what type of patch you are looking for here at Quality Embroidered Patches we can help.




Post time: Nov-21-2022
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