The difference between woven badges and embroidered badges

woven badges

There is not much difference in appearance between woven badges and embroidered badges, but their production processes are quite different. Below, the editor of Guangzhou Quanyu will explain to you the annotations of woven badges and embroidered badges.
Woven label: It refers to the cloth label that is placed on clothes and pants and contains text, letters, and LOGO patterns.
Embroidery badge: It refers to embroidering a LOGO or pattern on cloth through a computer and an embroidery machine, and then performing a series of cutting and modifications on the fabric, etc., and finally making it into a cloth badge with embroidery, that is, embroidery badge.


Both of these are cloth badges, which are most widely used in various casual clothing, hats (cap badges),

woven badges

embroidered badges

epaulettes (shoulder badges), etc. Since they are all customized styles, they are all customized according to the customer's logo or artwork. In fact, to put it simply, woven labels are woven directly by machines, while embroidered labels are embroidered on cloth. The feel of the badge varies from person to person. The feel of the embroidered badge is more three-dimensional when touched, while the woven badge is a simple flat surface with less obvious concavity and convexity. It is difficult to distinguish visually, but it can be clearly seen from the hand-crafted weaving process.

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