Benefits of Embroidered Patches

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Benefits of Embroidered Patches

If you’re having a hard time choosing between custom embroidered patches and other types such as wovendye sublimation chenille,  leather, or a different type of custom patch then we can help. What should ultimately dictate your decision is your design and your personal preferences. Embroidered patches have thicker threads and are perfect for designs that aren’t overly complex. They are ideal for logo patches if you’re going for a more traditional look or for badge or morale patches for police officers, security guards, military units, fire departments, EMTs, and more.

If you have large bold letters in your design embroidered patches may also be the best choice. The other perk of custom embroidered patches is that they’re ideal for any backing type. Whether you want to iron on your patches, sew them, stick them, attach them with Velcro, or pin them this type of patch lends itself to a variety of fun options.

An embroidered badge that is heat applied to the front of a cap or shirt will look better than direct embroidery – the patch is sewn with no disruption from a garment seam and no need to worry about a curving surface. Plus, the heat transfer backing means no stitches run through to the inside of the garment!

This type of badge is the most common patch we make. Customers like the fact that they are quick and easy! From all walks of life, such as schools, sports institutions, government agencies, various organizations and associations, embroidered badges continue to be an integral part of uniforms and team wear.

Are you ready to get started and order your custom embroidered patches? Simply reach out to Evergreen Badges today to request a free quote. We’re more than happy to provide design advice and let you know whether or not we think an embroidered patch would be ideal for your artwork.

Post time: Oct-06-2022
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