The beauty of embroidered badges



Has been an enduring element of the show,

Whether it’s a large tiled area,

Or little details,

Can add a little energy to a dull outfit,

To bring a sparkle to an otherwise unremarkable piece,

Like an elf sleeping in the forest.

embroidered badge

embroidered badge1

embroidered badge

What is embroidery badge?

 embroidered badge

What is an embroidered badge?

Embroidery badge, is the use of embroidery techniques or machines to produce various patterns on the fabric, the fabric for some series of cutting and modification, and finally made into a piece of fabric with embroidery logo or pattern, in the form of badges fixed with clothes, cloth, textiles, etc., play a decorative or express unique meaning of the stamp.

Compared with the traditional PU badge, the embroidered badge has a three-dimensional shape, classical temperament, and is more high-end, which can instantly improve the grade and style of the decorated items.

The finishing touch of the costume

Embroidered sticker

 Embroidered button

Embroidery mark, also known as embroidery mark, is similar to woven mark, the difference is that it is embroidered with yarn (polyester, cotton yarn, rayon), woven mark is woven out. Embroidery is more three-dimensional, the surface feels concave and convex sense is strong.


 Whether it is a suit, coat, pants, or shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, you can use embroidered badges to “partial collage” as a form of design, to create your own clothing.

According to their own preferences, in the collar, pockets, hem, back and other clothing everywhere, add embroidered badges as decoration, elegant and highlighting taste.

Embroidery stickers in big brands

Embroidered sticker

“Traditional” embroidery is tempered with modern techniques, and it becomes more acceptable.

 Major brands, fashion week & star street photos, to major magazines, etc., there are a lot of embroidery pieces appear.

And lovely embroidered badges

Gentle autumn wind

There are all kinds of animal, cartoon, animation, flower embroidery chapter are also very popular oh.

And these little decorative ICONS, all kinds of styles, will you like….

 Embroidered button

Custom embroidered fabric stickers

We make embroidery stickers to the advantage

1, because of the process of opening the plate, the industry has set a very high minimum order threshold for embroidery services. Hope for the home for embroidery quality needs, no MOQ, as long as there is demand, we will meet!

2, the source strength of the factory, its own drawing team, more than 100 professional technicians, independent control of all the process, greatly shorten the customization time, short delivery, you have needs and ideas, you can come to the drawing consultation oh ~

3, advanced technology and equipment, the use of industry advanced equipment, Tajima embroidery machine, highly reductive design, embroidery process effect is very good!

Dongguan Evergreen Badges Co., LTD., 15 years of professional design custom shoulder, armband, micro seal. Welcome to consult, customize!



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