Anti-counterfeiting embroidered badge

What is an embroidered badge?


Embroidery patch  refers to the software that uses the logo in the picture to design the logo in the picture through a computer, and then embroiders the pattern on the fabric through an embroidery machine, and then performs a series of cutting on the fabric. and modifications, etc., and finally made into a cloth badge with embroidery, that is, an embroidered badge. In the production of various badges, embroidery badges are also very important. They are widely used in various casual clothing, hats (cap badges), epaulettes (shoulder badges), etc., and are one of the most produced badges.


What is an anti-counterfeiting embroidered badge?

Special yarns that respond to ultraviolet or infrared rays are woven into the embroidered badges, which can be identified by UV lamps and other equipment, thus achieving anti-counterfeiting effects and achieving brand protection.

This color change can occur because ultraviolet photochromic materials are added during the spinning process of the polyester fiber. This material is colorless in the absence of sunlight or ultraviolet light. When it is illuminated by sunlight or ultraviolet light, it absorbs specific The wavelength of ultraviolet light energy causes changes in molecular structure, resulting in changes in absorption wavelength, resulting in color.

before reaction
640 (1)


After reaction
640 (2)
infrared: green display
640 (3)
before reaction
640 (4)
After reaction
640 (5)

Post-reaction ⌈UV: Between the horse’s front feet and hind legs⌋


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