How do I apply my heat-seal badges?

You should always test the garment first to ensure the high temperature will not damage the fabric. This is especially pertinent for synthetics such as nylon. High temperatures for a prolonged period of time may distort and damage both the appearance of the badge and garment surface.

1. Set iron or heat-press to approx. 180℃;
2. Apply pressure to garment to warm the area prior to badge application;
3. Place badge on garment for application;
4. Cover the badge with a thin layer of fabric (such as a pillow case) very important!
5. Apply pressure for approx. 15-20 seconds. Pressure is the key to getting good adherence;
6.Turn garment inside out, then iron back of badge for 30 seconds;

Let cool for one minute. If edge of badge can be lifted, repeat step 6;

Duration of heat seal badges: The heat sealed badges will stay muchly applied to a garment with normal laundering.

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Post time: Dec-01-2021
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