High definition sublimation-printing badges

A custom sublimated patch (or color printed badge) is a unique process that achieves virtual photographic quality. The color process gives your printed badge unequaled details with vibrant colors and clarity of subtle and continuous tones. The dynamic visual quality of these patches are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Your clients, customers or members of your organisation will surely take notice of them and that’s what branding is all about.

No need to count colors. Colors are limitless. One hundred colors are the same low price as one color. There are no additional charges based on coverage. From 10% to 100% coverage, your patch is the same low price.

Printing allows us to do all sorts of things that not possible with embroidery and woven, like subtle details and unlimited colors. If you want a vibrant portrait-on-a-patch, you only have to ask for print, which allow a higher resolution to the design. EverGreen Badges is proud to be the leading professional manufacturer of patches of sublimation printing combined with embroidery processing.

20191224-01161 Embroidery combined with printing patch-

Post time: Dec-01-2021
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