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DONGGUAN evergreen Baajii CO., LTD.  locates at Shipai twon of Dongguan, next to the Dongguan Ecological Park of Pearl River Delta, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

Formed in 2002, we mainly specializes in various embroidery / chenille / woven badges, brassards, epaulettes and etc., which are sold through out the country, and exported to America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia...

In the past decade of joint effort of the staff, EverGreen has left behind a development course of getting started from single business to diverse industries. Based on our increasingly proficient techniques, scientific management, combined with advanced production equipment, we are in the good position to custom-manufacture various embroider products fully according to customers’ desired ideals and designs. Our product range includes costume parts, clothing accessories, advertising, promotional gifts, and etc.. Our users cover all walks life, such as schools, sports institutions, government agencies, various association and many more.

To take advantage of the sources of labor and raw material from hinterland, the company set up a manufacturing base at inland Jiangxi province in 2012, which enable it has strong technical force, powerful production capacity and integrative solution to the needs from vast customers, and carry out large production of embroidered products and fast high-efficient global supply and delivery.

Evergreen ká ọja ba wa ninu awọn superior didara pẹlu itanran awọn osišiše. A ti ni ilọsiwaju gbóògì ọna ati awọn ti a gba awọn ijinle sayensi gbóògì isakoso ati ti o muna didara iṣakoso eto. A ti wa ni igbẹhin si continuously mu ẹrọ sii lakọkọ ati ọja didara si pa itanran didara rere ati tọ ifijiṣẹ, eyi ti a ti bu iyin nipa awọn onibara wa.

Awọn ile-tenumo wipe didara ni aye, ati awọn ti o ni wa ifojusi lati nigbagbogbo fi ara wa lati ṣẹda iye fun onibara wa ati awujo wa. Ni ila pẹlu awọn owo imoye ti "eda eniyan-Iṣalaye, ti o dara didara, sincerity ati àjọ-idagbasoke", a tọkàntọkàn ku ni agbaye onibara lati gbogbo rin ti aye lati kan si wa, o lorun tabi duna. A ti wa ni nwa siwaju si ṣiṣe pelu ifowosowopo pẹlu awọn ti o lati ṣẹda kan ti o wu iwaju jọ!

1..We are a professional manufacturer of badges and accessories for clothing. Technology in the industry is come out in front.

2. Our supply is sufficient to guarantee the customers’ demand.


4.Our products can be OEM, meet your special needs.

5.The products we offer are of impressive quality, reasonable prices, and delivery on time.

6.We have long-term cooperative international logistics, which can make the goods more efficient and safer to delivery to the designated location of customers.

7. Comprehensive after-sale service and powerful technical are provided.

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