Why do customers like custom embroidery badges?

Customers like embroidered badges, probably because embroidery can not only help them develop markets, improve product awareness and service quality, but also they can be used to promote important activities and reward people who have made contributions to the company. Embroidered badges belong to badge making, but have their own characteristics. Embroidery badges are quoted according to the embroidered area, from 1% to 100%, every company can find a suitable percentage.

Text and simple logo: Often this type of embroidered badge can be embroidered with less than 80% or less, while the rest are displayed in different colors of interlining.

More complex patterns: 75% of embroidery can display more detailed patterns, and the rest of the area still needs different colors of interlining to display.

The perfect product: 100% embroidered embroidery is called full embroidery, which can fully express every detail of the design artwork and is also the most expensive embroidery.

What percentage of embroidery is most suitable for your badge depends on the information expressed in your badge design artwork and the purpose of your badge. If you don’t know much about embroidery badges, then you can call embroidery badges. The factory consults about this, and after getting their help, you can make the right decision!

Post time: Dec-01-2021
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