Which Backing Is Right For Your Custom Patches?

Patch backing 1Do you have wonderful designs for your custom dye sublimation printing patches, for embroidered badgeschenille patches or for woven patches, but don’t know which backing will work best for them? We have a variety of backing types to choose from, and each of them has special characteristics which will give you many versatile options to choose from. Here is a description for each of them, and if you have questions about which one will work best for you, just contact us today. We will gladly help you make the right decision.

Unbacked Patches – This style of patch has no backing. This is the perfect choice if you are having the patches professionally stitching them on.Sometimes unbacked patches can roll which can make it tough to sew if you are not a particularly skilled seamstress.

Velcro Patches –  These sturdy backings are excellent for uniforms such as police or fire departments or military uniforms. We offer both the hard and soft side together or they can be purchased separately depending on your need.

Iron On Patches – This style of patch, also known as iron on patches, can be attached to all sorts of hats, clothes, or bags. Be sure not to wash the garment in scalding hot water. While we do recommend attaching your iron-on heat seal patches with a heat press machine, with enough heat, pressure and time, you can also apply them with a household iron.

Pin Patches – The pin backs are simple to apply and remove and are similar to the backs of earrings. They are wonderful for virtually any type of bag, clothing, or hat.

Plastic Patches – Plastic backed patches are attached to fabrics by fabric glue, and lay perfectly flat once they are affixed to a garment.

Self Stick Patches- If you plan on giving away your patch for promotional purposes, like at a convention or event, this is the type of patch backing to choose. For all intents and purposes, it’s a single-use patch. Some people will use the backing to the hold the patch in place while they are being stitched on if they are not very skilled at sewing.

Pls kindly see the different backing pictures as per below.


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Post time: Oct-18-2022
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