Ag caint faoi an ról atá ag an bonn le haghaidh an suaitheantas bróidnéireacht

The underlays are a type of travel that is not visible in the finished product. Some of the bottom lines are always stitched to the edge of the pattern or the parts of the pattern are joined together during the pattern making process. The bottom line also plays an important role in causing the stereo effect. When the lace is printed, sometimes the bottom stitch is more than the upper needle. The network structure of the bottom line can form the overall pattern.

A narrow needle is a flat needle without a bottom thread. If the needle is not punched at the beginning of the narrow needle, the narrow needle is embroidered and has a gap. It can be used to form lace, fine and dense tapes, and the like. For example, a pattern formed by a white narrow needle on a black fabric requires one or two single needle bottom lines.Is féidir leis an snáthaid a bheith chomh maith le snáthaid. Nuair a chuirfear ar ciseal ar an stitch bun dhéanamh go mothaíonn daoine an t-athrú ar an cuma ar an bróidnéireacht. Nuair embroidering ar an tsnáthaid ar an mbarr, is féidir é a tháirgeadh éifeacht álainn tríthoiseach.

A stitch must be made when embroidering the badges, which serve to reinforce the edges, create contours, and “engraving” the pattern on the base fabric. The bottom line can also fix the embroidery pattern on the fabric because the texture of the fabric may deform the pattern when tension is present on the fabric. The bottom line is inside the pattern, and the cover stitch on the top is embroidered on the bottom line so that this can be avoided . The number of bottom stitches required in the pattern does not have to be shown in the sketch, and the number next to the narrow needle indicates how many times the bottom stitch is applied by the pattern maker. For example, 3x indicates that it is a 3-week or 3-row bottom needle; when embroidering with a  needle, the number of stitches required to form a flower shape may be marked 12 on the side of the pattern or the pattern, which implies that the design is satisfactory. The total number of laps.

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